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4th June 20
Trail : home / Club Awards and Roll of Honour : 2015-2016


Top Goal Scorer 2015-2016


Details of the Club goal scorers can be found here.

Player of the Month 2015-2016


October 2015

1st Team: Hayley Johns

2nd Team: Jess Burrows

3rd Team: Katy Lindsay

4th Team: Laura Boothman

November 2015

1st Team: Julie Walker

2nd Team: Beth Andrews

3rd Team: Lily Armer

4th Team: Ella Bookless

January 2016

1st Team: Leighan Bleasdale

2nd Team: Beth Andrews

3rd Team: Sam Taylor

4th Team: Abigail Olde

February 2016

1st Team: Chloe Ranson

2nd Team: Heather Andrew

3rd Team: N/A

4th Team: Katie Oliver

March 2016

1st Team: N/A

2nd Team: Liz Coleclough

3rd Team: Leeanne Grayston-Aldren

4th Team: Karen Foster

Club Awards 2015-2016


Gators Player of the Season - Molly Chapman

U16 Team Player of the Season – Beth Andrews

U18 Team Player of the Season - Rebecca Airey

1st Team Players’ Player of the Season - Laura Hayton

1st Team Captain’s Player of the Season - Eve Park

2nd Team Players’ Player of the Season - Liz Coleclough

2nd Team Captain’s Player of the Season - Jess Burrows

3rd Team Players’ Player of the Season - Katy Lindsay

3rd Team Captain’s Player of the Season - Zoe Oswald

4th Team Players’ Player of the Season - Ella Bookless

4th Team Captain’s Player of the Season  - Sophie Christopherson

Certificates of Recognition - Lily Armer, Julie Ashworth, Leighan Bleasdale, Gill Briggs, Jess Burrows, Alison Gardner, Helen Gates, Gayle Gledhill, Leeanne Grayston-Aldren, Maddie Green, Rebecca Halliwell, Hayley Johns, Hayley Mills, Charlotte Rawes, Ali Standeven, Nina Swarbrick and Emma Wood

The Sue Howson Award – Abi Symons

The Ruth Burdett Award – Hayley Johns

The Smithers Unsung Hero Award - Gayle Gledhill

Club Person of the Year – Hayley Mills

National, Regional and County 2015-2016


National - Fiona Crackles

Cumbria U16 - Abi Symons

Lancashire U16 - Toni Fagan

Lancashire U15 - Katy Lindsay

JAC U16 - Toni Fagan and Abi Symons

JAC U15 - Katy Lindsay

JRPC - Abi Symons

Committee Members 2015-2016


Chair - Charlotte Rawes

Club Captain  - Leighan Bleasdale

Treasurer -  Leeanne  Grayston-Aldren

League and Fixtures Secretary - Mel Woods

Club Secretary  - Jess Burrows

Club Welfare Secretary  - Hayley Johns

Club Development Secretary  - Emma Wood

Club First Secretary   - Katie Adamson

Fundraising and Sponsorship Secretary - Nina Swarbrick

Cancellation Secretary  - Mel Woods

Membership Secretary - Cairine Scullion

Social Secretary  - Gayle Gledhill

Umpires Secretary  -  Gayle Gledhill

Press Secretary   - Emma Wood

1st Team Captain  -  Ali Standeven

2nd Team Captain - Helen Gates

3rd Team Captain  - Charlotte Rawes

4th Team Captain  - Hayley Mills

Development Team Manager  - Leighan Bleasdale

U18/U16 Manager - Lauren Case

U15/U14/U13 Manager -  Mel Woods

U12/U11/U10 Manager - Leighan Bleasdale