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19th September 20
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Fundraising Totals 2014-2015

Fundraising Totals 2014-2015



Raised £271.82 bag packing at Asda.

Raised £18 through the sweet competition.

Raised £122 at the Club Fun Day.

1st Team

Raised £50 through the Grand National Sweepstake.

2nd Team

Raised £150 through organising the Club Golf Tournament.

3rd Team

Raised £45 at the Vale of Lune.

Easy Fundraising

Raised £74.88


New Season Fundraising Events Get Underway


Lancaster Hockey Club got their 2014-2015 fundraising target underway with a back pack at Asda Superstore, Lancaster on Saturday 5th July.

With their best smiles, chit-chat and packing skills, club members managed to raise a staggering £279.88 in just over four hours.  The money raised will be put towards training equipment, coaching costs and club development.

Well done to all those involved.

The hockey club would like to thank Asda Lancaster and their generous customers for their support.

Lancaster Hockey Club are always looking looking for new support in terms of fundraising and sponsorship. If you would like to become a spoonsor, please contact our Club Captain or Fundraising and Sponsorship Secretary:

Club Captain - Leighan Bleasdale, 07794269616 

Fundraising and Sponsorship Secretary - Nina Swarbrick, 07734822273